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Trainings: SAP Data Services

  • 2-day course, 16 hours
  • Price per participant: 700 EUR+ VAT (Invoice by Infotrust, SIA)
  • In Latvian
  • Online or live


  • In this course, delegates will learn about creating, executing, and transforming batch jobs using functions, scripts, and basic transforms to change the structure and formatting of data. This course would ideally suit delegates who are new to SAP Data Services.
  • Participants will gain the knowledge to participate in implementing, administering, and managing data integration projects.


  • Project team members with basic knowledge of Data Warehousing and data integration concepts
  • Data Warehousing consultants and project managers who work with data integration


  • Basic knowledge of data warehousing and ETL (Extraction, Transfer, and Loading) concepts
  • Basic knowledge of SQL language
  • Basic knowledge of elementary procedural programming
  • Data warehouse fundamentals
  • Data staging and data quality issues


Describing Data Services

  • Describe the purpose of Data Services
  • Describe Data Services Architecture
  • Define Data Services Objects
  • Use the Data Services Designer Interface

Defining Source and Target Metadata

  • Use Datastores
  • Use Datastore and System Configuration
  • Define File Formats for Flat Files
  • Define File Formats for Excel Files
  • Define File Formats for XML Files

Creating Batch Jobs

  • Work with Objects
  • Create a Data Flow
  • Use the Query Transform
  • Use Target Tables
  • Execute the Job

Troubleshooting Batch Jobs

  • Use Descriptions and Annotations
  • Validate and Tracing Jobs
  • Use View Data and the Interactive Debugger
  • Use Auditing in Data Flows

Using Functions, Scripts and Variables

  • Define Built-In Functions
  • Use Functions in Expressions
  • Use the Lookup Function
  • Use the Decode Function
  • Use Variables and Parameters
  • Use Data Services Scripting Language
  • Script a Custom Function

Using Platform Transforms

  • Describe Platform Transforms
  • Use the Map Operation Transform
  • Use the Validation Transform
  • Use the Merge Transform
  • Use the Case Transform
  • Use the SQL Transform

Setting Up Error Handling

  • Set up recoverable Workflows

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