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Trainings: SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Advanced Report Design (in Latvian)

  • 1-day course, 8 hours
  • Price per participant: 480 EUR + VAT (Invoice by Infotrust, SIA)
  • In Latvian
  • Online


After completing this course, you will be able to create complex Web Intelligence documents using advanced query and reporting techniques.


Business Analysts with knowledge of SAP BusinessObjects (previous 2-day course is required).


Web Intelligence Core Report Design

  • Review Core Report Design Concepts
  • Compare the Differences between Java Report Panel (JRP) and WebI Rich Client (WRC)

Multiple Data Sources

  • Synchronize Data from Multiple Data Sources
  • Create Multiple Queries in a Document
  • Synchronize Data with Merged Dimensions
  • Interact with Other Data Providers

Advanced Query Techniques

  • Implement Combined Queries
  • Implement Subqueries
  • Create a Query Based on Another Query
  • Change Data Sources

Calculation Contexts

  • Describe Calculation Contexts
  • Redefine Calculation Contexts
  • Implement Extended Syntax Operators
  • Implement Extended Syntax Keywords
  • Define Calculation Context

Formulas with Character and Date String Functions

  • Create Formulas with Character and Date String Functions
  • Implement the Right() Function
  • Implement the Replace() Function
  • Implement the SubStr() Function
  • Implement the Pos() Function
  • Concatenate Character Strings
  • Implement Date Functions

If Logic

  • Execute If() to Group Data
  • Execute the If() Function to Modify Calculation Behavior

Hyperlinks in Web Intelligence Documents

  • Manage Hyperlinks in Web Intelligence Documents

Additional Reporting Techniques

  • Implement Data Tracking
  • Implement Additional Report Functions

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