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Qlik Meetup VILNIUS Season #4: Innovations in AutoML, Automation and Data Management

Innovations in AutoML, Automation and Data Management

November 30, 2023, 15:00-18:00

Venue: Vilnius Tech Park, Antakalnio str. 17, Building No.3 (follow Qlik Meetup direction signs)
Format: Live meeting with snacks&drinks
Dedicated to: Qlik developers, data architects
Event languages: English


15:00-16:00 Qlik Guest Track (60 min): Utilizing Qlik AutoML: How to enable new business cases with machine learning and AI. Guest speaker: HANNU RANTA, Qlik Nordics.

Hannu Ranta is a top-notch data and cloud professional with a wide technical knowledge. He has worked with big data, IoT and analytics solutions with the largest enterprises across the globe. While having a problem-solving mindset, he always enjoys finding new innovative solutions to help customers to deliver value. Hannu obtained his Master of Science degree with distinction in 2015 and has worked in leading data companies since then. Currently he is a Principal Enterprise Architect for Nordic region at Qlik.

16:00-16:40 Track of Analytics in Cloud (40 min): Accelerate and Automate: Discovering Qlik’s Automation Capabilities through use cases. Speaker: ARTJOMS TUKUMS, Infotrust (in English)

16:40-17:25 Data Management Track (45 mins): Snowflake.
Speaker: MĀRIS SVILĀNS, Infotrust (in English)

17:25-17:45 Understanding Qlik’s Licensing Structure: a short summary for successful Qlik Cloud adoption (20 min). Speaker: MĀRIS SVILĀNS, Infotrust (in English)

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