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Qlik Alerting®

Take intelligent, timely action: outlier and anomaly detection

Qlik Alerting is an intelligent alerting platform for Qlik Sense, providing sophisticated, data-driven alerts that help users more proactively monitor their business and take timely action. Qlik Alerting delivers more than just simple notifications based on KPI (key performance indicator) thresholds. You get a powerful capacity to spot outliers and anomalies in your data – through advanced statistical calculation and trending, comparisons and complex nested alert logic, and the ability to drill into and evaluate individual dimension values. Users can create self-service alerts directly in Qlik Sense, and organizations can centrally configure and manage alerting for widespread distribution.


  • Sophisticated, intelligent Alerts: statistical evaluation of data against thresholds, comparisons between measures, condition and/or logic
  • Advanced statistical calculation, outlier and anomaly detection
  • Email, mobile, and web delivery
  • Drill into dimension values: evaluate / trigger alerts based on individual dimension values
  • Self-Service and Centralized Insights
  • In-context linking to analytics applications: alerts retain selection-state for further analysis in- context
  • Triggering on data reload or scheduled basis
  • Email, mobile, and web delivery


Qlik Alerting Data Sheet

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With Qlik Alerting, organizations can more proactively manage by exception, notifying users of potential issues and allowing them to immediately analyze further, prompting timely action based on insight. They can decrease “dashboard fatigue” by driving users to the right analytics in the right context, promoting user engagement and adoption.


Product differences: Qlik NPrinting & Qlik Alerting

Qlik NPrinting® features

  • Scheduled and one-time distribution of reports to Qlik Sense hub, folders, email, and NewsStand.
  • Server-based client for configuring, scheduling, and distributing reports.
  • Online subscription portal for users to view, download, archive, and subscribe to available reports.
  • Role-based security at the app level for administrators, developers, and recipients.
  • Multi-engine enterprise scalability, and enhanced governance and security.
  • Full Microsoft Office integration.


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Qlik Alerting® features

  • Qlik Alerting delivers actionable, self-service alerting.
  • Easily spots outliers and anomalies and notify users.
  • Send alerts via various channels including: email, Teams (Skype for Business), Mobile iOS/Android “Ping” application, Slack, API
  • A simple interface in Qlik Sense allows users to easily set up data alerts for themselves.
  • A robust centralized application allows administrators to define and manage sophisticated alerts for wide distribution.


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Having years of experience with Qlik Infotrust consultants or recommended Infotrust partners with neccessary skills and knowledge can ensure a smooth and fast delivery of Qlik Alerting throughout your company.

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