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Project together & outsourcing

One of the main objectives of a BI project is to ensure that the organization’s goals are achieved. Business intelligence initiatives can fail for many reasons but one of the main reason is still not the right team. Human resources is often neglected while it is as much important as a technology part. The perfect team should be composed of talents coming from both the business and the technical side, working together closely. Whether organizations are looking to instigate their first BI projects or expand the scope of their analytics, businesses come up against a shortage of qualified talent. This is a sign for considering new options for a successful BI deployment: working together or full BI outsourcing.

“If there is something we can’t do more efficiently, cheaper and better than our competitors, it would be better not to do it. We should hire someone to do that job who does it better than we do”.Henry Ford

Project together: when and why

If you already have a BI team or a project leader-sponsor a reliable option for your organization would be to deploy BI in cooperation with our team. Use our consultants’ long years experience – choose the way of implementing BI project together if:

  • your team size is not enough and you are having difficulties to find right talents;
  • your team haven’t sufficient level of knowledge in technical areas;
  • on the business side your team members are not experienced analysts;
  • you have difficulties in delivering complex projects;
  • you have pre-defined time frame for BI project;
  • you are not sure if your tech and business talents can work effectively together;
  • you want to reduce BI deployment costs.


Full outsourcing: when and why

BI initiatives are complex and time-sensitive, often involving significant cost. Use our experienced BI team with recent success on similar projects in similar industries – for time and costs savings while delivering BI project. Outsourcing – especially if it’s your first time – can be daunting. Engaging with a skilled team increases the chance of a successful completion. Choose the full outsourcing if:

  • your team size is not enough (or you do not have a BI team) and you are having difficulties to find right talents;
  • no sufficient level of knowledge in technical areas;
  • lack of experienced business analysts;
  • you have difficulties in delivering complex projects;
  • you are not sure if your tech and business talents can work effectively together;
  • you want to reduce BI deployment costs and meet your deadlines.
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BI delivery for our Customers


Dedicated project manager will ensure that timing and budgets are respected, that the resources complement each other and that all the areas of the project are covered with sufficient knowledge and expertise.

Combining in-house BI expertise and external specialists.

Becoming your partner to drive the speed and sophistication of analytics insights and to connecting these insights to action.

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Since our team has dealt with many similar challenges before, we bring you best practices and learnings that your team may not be familiar with. We solve your challenges quicker and we can also solve it better. Strengthening in-house teams is also one of benefits of the full outsourcing.

A key benefit of outsourcing is substantial cost reduction of the outsourced commodity. In some cases, these costs are reduced by 20–40%.

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Data literacy is a critical skill for any modern workforce wanting to be ahead and benefiting from increased corporate performance. How to achieve that more employees would analyze data, make discoveries, share insights, and translate data into actions. A culture of data-driven change can look as a huge challenge but changes always begin from the very first step. Our goal is to give your organization the tools, learning, and strategies to achieve higher levels of data-literacy.

Become date-literated

Why companies outsource BI

  • Saving cost and time: can start project at once a partner is chosen.
  • Rational allocation of human resoures: BI outsourcing provides a smart price/quality ratio.
  • Lack of internal expertise.
  • Accessing domain knowledge.
  • Faster adoption of trending technology.
  • Accelerating time to market.
  • Faster digital transformation.
  • Increased competitiveness.
  • Balancing skill sets.

Why us

  • Read our customers testimonials. Contact us and get a meeting with our customers without our presence: ask questions and get answers tete-a-tete.
  • Who our customers are:learn the sizes of companies, industries and for how long we cooperation in expanding BI projects.
  • Consider your business requirements and get a confirmation from a partner that it can be met.
  • Know the costs of your BI infrastructure, labour, equipment, office space and support and then compare to our proposal;
  • Security: as your BI partner we confirm that we can provide an adequate protection for all your data and intellectual property.
  • Technology: check if consolidation all data sources in one simple solution is possible (prepare an inventory of your current software and who has access to it, outline your objectives and discuss this with the partner).
  • Industry experts: 22 years in BI – learn more about us as industry experts;
  • Support: get full support and maintenance>>
  • Trainings: our goal is to give your organization the tools, learning, and strategies to achieve higher levels of data-literacy. Read more>>

Outsourcing advantages

  • Professional assistance & support, giving you peace of mind.
  • Supplement resources: mobilizing BI architects, BI project management support consultants, functional and technical experts and trainers as needed for your company.
  • Technology: professional team will provide necessary technologies like Qlik or SAP.
  • Costs and time savings: outsourcing BI means you don’t have to hire software engineers, data specialists and project managers.
  • Introducing industry practices: Take advantage of lessons learned through our experience of a wide range of projects, clients and technologies – your project will be with fewer errors.
  • In-House Team Strengthening.
  • Service standartization & simplified processes.
  • Focus on business development:by outsourcing business analytics, you are gaining the benefit of valuable business insight without having to devote all your energy into platform development.
  • Data management & security.

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