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Infotrust achieved SAP Partner Center of Expertise certification (SAP PCEO)

Happy to announce that Infotrust technical support team have been evaluated by SAP auditors: our support process, procedures and infrastructure are compliant with the highest SAP standards. As a result, Infotrust achieved SAP Partner Center of Expertise certification (SAP PCEO) for next 2 years.

The very 1st SAP PCEO was introduced back in 2011 and in the following year Infotrust was one of the first Nordic partners achieving SAP PCOE. We keep continuing on this high note – thanks to our amazing team and SAP support.



SAP checks a variety of quality indicators to evaluate the level of support service the partner provides to its customers, as well as the standard of its interaction with the Customer Success organization.

To encourage continual improvement, SAP makes these standards transparent to all partners and tracks them on a quarterly basis. This allows partners and SAP to analyze performance and proactively address any inconsistencies in a timely manner

The following factors are considered in determening service quality:

  • Correction share (percentage of incidents forwarded to SAP that were solved by the development support team at SAP)
  • Number of consultants with Partner COE–relevant support qualifications and product-specific certifications
  • Customer compliance with remote connectivity requirements
  • Customer compliance with activation of the
  • SAP EarlyWatch® Alert service
  • Version and support package level of SAP Solution Manager installed (where relevant)
  • Use of SAP Solution Manager for incident forwarding (where applicable)



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