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Roibox: Measuring digital campaign performance, strategic decisions, and their impact on a micro-level

“Not great, not terrible.”

The now-famous quote from the TV series “Chernobyl” accurately illustrates a situation whereby lack of data and means of data measurement leads to false conclusions and catastrophic results. While the context is not as intense or epic as in the episode of “Chernobyl”, the same quote can easily be applied to campaign data collection and measurement.

In “Chernobyl” characters were faced with a reality where radioactivity sensors could measure only up to 3,6 Roentgens (standard chest X-ray level), and did not recognize that the real measurements were much higher, and much more dangerous. Similarly, advertisers misinterpret data on their campaign performance by relying on what is provided by their digital ads platforms (Google or Facebook, for example) which often leads to false conclusions.

The solution to this problem is obvious – gather and analyze correct data and apply the most accurate measurement instruments. The challenge, however, is how to do it reliably and at scale.

Roibox, a team of data scientists and developers, suggests measuring campaign performance, strategic decisions, and their impact on a micro-level. The idea is that if the physical world was split into a digital grid (each square the size of 1x1km or 1x1mi), and digital campaigns were placed on top of the grid with exact lat/long coordinates, it would help advertisers gather and measure campaign performance at each location at any time.

Now, instead of waiting for 30 days to gather general insights into how digital campaigns performed on all of the target territories, advertisers can instantly access data that shows the real situation – all ads do not perform equally well everywhere.

To achieve this, Roibox team has developed a series of geospatial mapping algorithms that not only traces campaign results down to an exact location in the real world but also provides up to 50 000 data points per square of the digital grid to offer insights into what type of clients are located there (income level, points of interest, foot traffic, etc.). In order to apply this concept in practice to digital campaigns Roibox has mastered the use of proximity targeting offered by FB and Google and are able to apply the technology at scale.

Now advertisers can measure the impact of their strategic decisions (i.e. where more conversions, clicks, or impressions are taking place), and they can apply geo-targeting to adjust bids in poorly performing areas or run their campaigns only in areas that matter to their business. Since public tests were launched in early March 2021, Roibox solutions have already been used by many e-commerce companies, digital ads agencies, banks, and other B2C and B2B companies in U.S. and Europe.

Roibox setup is simple – all campaign activities take place on advertisers’ accounts (FB or Google), and the reporting on marketing KPIs per each location is provided via Qlik Sense. In addition, the team at Roibox automatically optimizes location targeting week-by-week based on advertisers’ goals.

Roibox and Infotrust have agreed to deepen the existing cooperation, and have created an exclusive offer for Infotrust users – a free 45-day trial of Roibox services, and free reporting with visualizations made available via Qlik Sense.

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