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Qlik Shines in G2 Summer Reports for Embedded Business Intelligence Software

Qlik has performed extremely well in peer-based reviews over the years, but one peer-based review organization which sometimes flies under the radar is G2. They shouldn’t – G2 has been around for a decade and published over 1.7 million reviews covering thousands of software products.

In G2’s most recent Embedded Business Intelligence software review (Enterprise Summer), gathered from G2’s user community as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks, Qlik Sense was positioned at the top of the leaderboard in the Leader’s Quadrant edging out Looker, Sisense, Domo, ThoughtSpot, Power BI embedded among others. The G2 report is a great view into the market because it aligns so well with the real world needs and drivers of OEM and ISVs.

G2’s in-depth criteria include:

  • Ability to be sold as an OEM product to other ISVs and embedded within their apps;
  • Used by developers to embed analytics capabilities inside a business app;
  • Consumes data from any source;
  • Allows users to transform data into a useful and relatable model embedded within a business app;
  • Finally, can create reports and visualizations with business utility embedded within a business app.

Before showing the grid results (or scroll on down if you must), it’s noteworthy to call out that Qlik scored highest overall in both Satisfaction (likelihood to recommend, product recommendation and NPS) and User Adoption within its peer group. You can find the link here to the grid and shown below:

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