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Deep dive into geospatial analytics: Qlik Sense geo capabilities and real cases (video included)

Qlik Meetup: online from Riga to the Baltics:Oct 06, 2021


15:0015:02 Introduction, Maris Svilans, CEO, Infotrust SIA

15:0215:30 Qlik Geospatial analytics capabilities including demo. Presenter: Maris Svilans, CEO, Infotrust SIA

15:3016:00 Location analytics will be the foundation for your ad intelligence:

  • Why current campaign reporting solutions are not effective enough for the future of advertisement (lack of detail in data, lack of means of measurement of campaign efficiency)
  • How Qlik solutions can be utilized to build an ad intelligence environment
  • What are ad intelligence solutions developed by Roibox

Presenter: Krisjanis Berzs, Co-founder, Roibox | Passionate about tech and data. 10 years helping others to bring value from data | Linkedin:

Roibox is a geospatial data modeling startup aiming to help companies earn more by spending less. They do data aggregation, modeling, geocoding, and visualization to help others beat the market. Launched in 2020, Roibox’s data-driven marketing tool for digital ad targeting efficiency empowers companies to boost their marketing ROI and grow their businesses at a faster pace. 10 super promising Riga-based startups to watch in 2021:

16:00 Q&A.

Any questions? Please contact: Infotrust, Qlik Master Reseller partner in the Baltics,, +370 688 83777.


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