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Reflections from the SAP Networking Event for Innovation and Intelligence 2023

Maris Svilans, Infotrust, September 15, 2023

Yesterday, we had the largest SAP event of the year in the Baltics. Still fresh in my mind, so I want to share some main takeaways.

The introduction to the event was super energetic, thanks to the SAP Baltic team (Ainars Bemberis, Aleksandr Popov, Tiit Parts and Kestutis Kasakaitis), where three of them warmed up the audience with a guitar performance!

The event focused on the digital transformation of businesses, the current potential of AI, and its role in helping companies innovate.

SAP’s Timo Elliott highlighted the novel opportunities AI offers and showcased some real-life innovation examples from SAP clients.

Iver van de Zand provided an in-depth look at the SAP BTP platform. It empowers companies of all sizes to innovate, develop no-code apps, streamline processes, and harness data with embedded AI/ML capabilities.

Even with the buzz around AI, sustainability remains a priority. Loek Titulaer from SAP discussed how the SAP Sustainability Control Tower aligns with EU regulations, including the EU Taxonomy, CSRD, and other ESG-related matters.

Later, at the Infotrust booth with Loek Titulaer, we met customers and discussed the practical steps to start with ESG metric calculations and explored how to leverage SAP Sustainability Control Tower capabilities, which offers data calculations and reporting in line with the EU Taxonomy and CSRD.

I’d like to spotlight success stories from SAP clients in Latvia, such as STENDERS. Kristine Grapmane, the CEO of STENDERS, shared their journey of transitioning from Excel-based planning to a more systematic approach. SAP partner Altus Intelligence, represented by Ingrida Augustane, implemented the SAP ByDesign mid-market ERP system. Among various ERP solutions, the SAP solution was selected because it also offered best practices for manufacturing.

Rimi Baltic Group shared their experience using the SAP Analytics Cloud for planning, with implementation support from Scandic Fusion. For their reporting, Rimi Baltic leverages SAP BusinessObjects. It’s was personal joy for me to see that Rimi and Infotrust project, which developed Rimi’s report design guidelines, is still being utilized!

Grindeks Head of HR Zane Škutte talked about their shift in HR management using SAP Successfactors. By introducing a self-service portal for employees enriched with learning features, there was significant leap in digitalization engaging all 4 generations employed by the leading pharmaceutical company in the Baltic region.

Pearl Latvija shared a success story of their client, FellTech, using SAP Emarsys, a platform dedicated to real-time customer engagement, enhancing their loyalty.

The event was an excellent opportunity to meet clients, SAP experts, partners, and gather ideas for upcoming SAP projects!


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