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100 functional requirements – SAP solution met them most precisely

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Luminor Bank was looking for a powerful activity-based costing solution that provided multi-dimensional views on all costs and would help to make a decision-making process more efficient and transparent. After creating a tender and defining at least 100 functional requirements to the software providers, Luminor decided that the SAP Profitability and Performance Management solution met their needs most precisely of all.

Main objectives were:

  • Capturing all costs in multi-dimensional views and consolidating all data in one place;
  • Ensuring precise profitability measuring and pricingthrough establishing a connection of all cost amounts to products, customers, channels;
  • Efficiency assessment and understanding of activities and components generating the cost, optimization of processes;
  • Alignment and comparison of processes and relevant costs across countries;
  • Precise decision-making regarding closure or introduction of new products, pricing decisions, incl. discounts for customers (while still keeping them profitable);
  • Management of the service models: e.g. selection of the channel for selling product, re-organization of the tasks between different job positions.
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Luminor is the 3rd largest financial services provider in the Baltic region. They have a wide customer base of around 900 000 customers and almost 3000 working professionals. Luminor is a new generation bank and financial services provider for local businesses and financially active individuals, with a special focus on small and medium-sized companies. Their vision is to become the best possible ecosystem for their customers.


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