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SAP Analytics Cloud

Comprehensive real-time analytics

SAP Analytics Cloud is already transforming how decisions are made by thousands of its customers covering over 75 countries including Baltics. By joining them and using SAP Analytics Cloud you can provide everyone in your organization with the insights they need to make better decisions and act with confidence. SAP Analytics Cloud combines business intelligence (BI) system with enterprise planning. With this one solution customers gain the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning technology, and predictive analytics.

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) allows to create complex analytics and explore data from multiple sources within a unified system. The use of the cloud solution in a SaaS (and. Software as a Service) model guarantees access to an always up-to-date and secure application, which doesn’t require additional installations.

The BI & Analytics Survey 21 reported that SAP® Analytics Cloud achieved no less than 19 top rankings and 21 leading positions against its competitors. SAP Analytics Cloud has recently been recognized as a Strong Performer in the Forrester Wave: Augmented BI Platforms, Q3 2021. SAP Analytics Cloud earned a Top Rated predictive analytics award from TrustRadius based directly on feedback from customers.

Getting started with SAP Analytics Cloud




Why choose SAP Analytics Cloud


Become a 21st-century intelligent enterprise with SAP Cloud. Move beyond spreadsheet-based analysis
and planning. Offer immediate insight users can trust. Capitalize on enterprise planning and predictive analytics.



  • End-to-end analytics solutions for all BI needs
  • Comprehensive in-memory data management and analytics
  • Intuitive self-service analytics with business intelligence features for data exploration&insights
  • Machine-generated analytics& insights with SAP augmented analytics capabilities
  • Contextual delivery of smart insights through natural-language processing
  • Faster, more-confident decision-making without expert intervention
  • Connecting and visualizing data from different date sources
  • Accessible on the fly: can be integrated to work both on Android and iOS devices
  • Deploying in the cloud: fixed monthly fee and no hidden costs
  • Affordable, available, and scalable analytics



  • Harness machine learning to augment the analytics you need in one solution
  • Connect live to on-premise applications to avoid uploading data to the cloud
  • Speed deployment and lower costs with preconfigured industry and line-of-business content
  • Empower users across the organization to use analytics to generate insights for data-based decision
  • Establishing a single trusted source for unified data truth
  • Customized dashboard – personalized company look
  • Easy collaboration across your organization – quicker approvals, contributions, ideas sharing
  • Integrating SAP Analytics Cloud with SAP S/4HANA will allow the enterprises to minimize or eliminate errors


Solution brief

Business Intelligence, planning and forecasting

SAP Analytics Cloud is a powerful, agile analytics platform that consolidates BI, planning and predictive capabilities that deliver insights to users company-wide, for enhanced decision-making and optimized management of company resources across all processes. SAP Analytics Cloud is 100% cloud-native which means SAP is innovating super fast.


SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) as business user-friendly cloud-based solution provides customers a possibility to Analyse, Plan and Predict.

Key Features of SAP Analytics Cloud


  • Machine Learning capabilities
  • Integrated Financial&Business Planning
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Automated data cleansing
  • Data exploration and visualization: interactive visualisations&stories by filtering and drilling into data, regardless of volume size
  • Modeling and data preparation: automating data cleansing to alert errors and categorize measures and dimensions
  • Role-Based customization for different users
  • Use of custom widgets
  • Applications integration with on-premise sources
  • Mobile extension
  • Team collaboration
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And more

Augmented analytics capabilities – powered by AI, machine learning, and natural language processing – are built into customers’ business planning and workflows. Possibility to automate insights that include values and simulations. Possibility to ask questions in a conversational way – and get instant answers, data visualisations, and explanations – with natural language processing and generation. Automated machine learning allows to use algorithms to automatically reveal relationships, hidden patterns, and outliers in your data – and to shorten a way from insights to actions.


Enterprise Planning allows users to analyze, plan and predict at one place what means speeding up planning process. Easier to understand business with predictive forecasting and machine learning tools. More possibilities to create and modify versions of a planning model for data-driven budgeting, forecasting, and analysis from one cloud interface.


Models: technical expertise is not needed to create a model from unrelated data sets. Simple or complex models help to present data the way anyone can get insights for more effective business decisions.


Centrally governable analytics content: designing analytical applications. Develope custom applications, customise, integrate, and extend existing content, templates, standardise analytics content with reusable user interface elements and adjustable widget, enable custom, reusable functionalities with tailored widgets, centrally managed composites, and data-science capabilities.


Easy data access: SAP Analytics Cloud allows easily access and connect data from different sources (on-premise servers: MS Excel documents to ERP; the cloud: SQL databases to SAP and SalesForce ERP systems to data from Google Drive; live connection or by exporting/importing data into SAP Analytics Cloud).

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