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SAP IQ is a high-performance decision support data base designed specifically for mission critical business intelligence, analytics, and data warehousing. Component Integration Services within SAP IQ provide direct access to relational and non-relational databases on mainframe, UNIX, or Windows servers.

The SAP® Sybase® IQ server delivers analytics speed and power while dramatically improving affordability and manageability. Its column-oriented, grid-based architecture, and patented data-compression and indexing technology offer you the highest levels of performance while helping you make the most efficient use of available resources.


  • Exploit massive volumes of data without disruptions or cost increases
  • Gain deeper insights into business performance and market dynamics
  • Unify data sources for greater efficiency and in-database analytics
  • Reduce operational costs with a highly scalable solution
  • Protect vital data with robust security and efficient administration features
  • Run shared-everything and shared-nothing options for MPP architecture

In today’s digital world, enterprises need simpler and more cost effective ways to analyze an exploding volume of data and support expanding user communities. Users want fast answers to complex questions involving data, without having to rely on database administrators. The latest release of the SAP IQ server helps produce those answers. Designed for advanced analytics, data warehousing, and business intelligence environments, SAP IQ works with large volumes of structured and unstructured data and is ideally suited for user-driven analysis.


SAP IQ is distinguished from conventional databases by its column oriented, grid based architecture; patented data compression; and advanced query optimizer. It offers a single database management system platform to analyze structured, semistructured, and unstructured data using a variety of algorithms.


SAP Sybase IQ is revolutionizing Big Data analytics by breaking down silos of data analysis and integrating it into enterprise analytic processes. This version expands functionality with the following elements:


  • A native MapReduce application programming interface (API)
  • Comprehensive and flexible Hadoop integration
  • Support for predictive model markup language (PMML)
  • An expanded library of statistical and data mining algorithms that leverage the power of distributed query processing across a massively parallel processing (MPP) grid based on PlexQTM technology
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Key Features

  • Column data store – accelerate queries while slashing time spent tuning performance
  • Massively parallel computing grid – support heavy and ad hoc usage from hundreds of concurrent users
  • Management of very large databases – harness your Big Data through advanced partitioning techniques for convenient delivery of analytics
  • In-database analytics – take advantage of statistical and data mining expertise in algorithms from SAP partners to analyze structured and unstructured data


Benefits for business

  • Faster information delivery while maintaining real-time data accuracy
  • Improved IT efficiency with balanced utilization of available machine and human resources
  • Efficient response to market changes through better informed and timely decision making
  • Deeper collaboration by means of analytics models and code that support sharing and ad hoc analysis across business functions


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