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SAP Profitability and Performance Management

High-speed Profitability and Cost Analysis

SAP Profitability and Performance Management (PaPM) is a native SAP HANA solution that maintains and executes complex calculations, rules and simulations. With no set data model, it is highly flexible and enables you to create high-speed profitability and cost analysis with minimal IT involvement. Help your decision-makers make strategic decisions that can optimize performance and maximize profitability with SAP Profitability and Performance Management.


Why to choose SAP Profitability and Performance Management

With SAP PaPM you can take greater control of achieving performance and profitability objectives, through the use of modern, intuitive and connected tools offering advanced flexible modelling, automation and real-time analysis.


Key capabilities


Advanced business-centric modeling


  • Empower your team with intuitive tools to create complex cost and profitability models
  • Build business-relevant models using predefined content and comprehensive allocations
  • Support trust and confidence, replacing spreadsheets with a flexible, repeatable, and transparent process


Extend insights across the enterprise


  • Add deeper and richer analysis and share valuable new insights with cloud users
  • Complement established procedures to harmonize results with enterprise processes and reports
  • Create a single source of truth for profitability and performance insights


Immediate access to actionable insights


  • Make better-informed decisions in the moment with instant insights based on deep granular analysis
  • Be proactive and decisive and cut cycle times with in-memory calculations that deliver real-time analysis
  • Inspire confidence in decisions by simulating and reviewing before you act





  • Amplify visibility into cost and profitability
  • Make cost reporting and analysis more efficient
  • Construct sophisticated financial and business models that help: accurately model funds and liquidity transfer pricing; optimize intercompany prices across the global value chain; improve transparency into shared services costing and cross-charges; optimize performance while meeting sustainability targets



  • Easy-to-use drag and drop user modeling interface
  • Best practice sample content aids sophisticated model development
  • Multiple allocation methods and revenue models
  • Model cost and profitability drivers across customer, product, and channel dimensions
  • Real-time simulations and what-if scenarios
  • Fully transparent and auditable
  • Can be deployed in the cloud or on premise, and system and software requirements vary by specific customer scenarios: the SAP HANA platform that supports SAP PaPM can be deployed on your premises for maximum control or from the cloud for fast time to value or through a hybrid model that supports a variety of deployment scenarios — from on-premise to cloud to third-party



  • Make better, more informed, data-driven management decisions
  • Minimize costs and maximize profitability across the business
  • Improve the performance of business processes that require deep, accurate cost and profit insight



Watch an experience story: Luminor Bank

Luminor is the 3rdlargest financial services provider in the Baltic region. They have a wide customer base of around 900 000 customers and almost 3000 working professionals. Luminor is a new generation bank and a financial services provider for local businesses and financially active individuals, with a special focus on small and medium-sized companies. Their vision is to become the best possible ecosystem for their customers.


The goal for Luminor was to be able to capture all costs in all dimensions – country, product, customer, channel, organization – and to ensure precise profitability measuring and pricing. They needed a solution with real time data insights and traceability, that can process big data volumes on hundreds of thousands of cores in parallel. Hear why Luminor chose SAP PaPM and gained the insights and agility to manage, govern, and improve finance and business processes at a lower cost.


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Expert session: building cost allocation models to gain insights about profitability of products and services


  • Demonstration of SAP Profitability and Performance Management solution, how it can be used to develop multi-step cost allocation and driver-based models.
  • Real life use cases in various industries – how retail, banking, insurance, and others are optimizing processes and offerings based on profitability insights



SAP PaPM for Manufacturing


SAP PaPM for Insurance


SAP PaPM for Oil, Gas,Energy Industries


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