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Approaching Sustainable Business Systematically | Sustainability with SAP: Chasing Zero

The 1st live Baltic roadshow on sustainability topics “Sustainability with SAP: Chasing Zero” was organized in Jun 14-16, 2022. Event partners: SAP, msg global, ELLE, Infotrust.

We are inviting You to watch the presentation: Approaching Sustainable Business Systematically by Maris Svilans, CEO, SIA Infotrust

“…agree with your stakeholders what you want to change using those metrics, start measuring it. And once you start measuring you can manage it so to see are we going right direction and also important is then to communicate to your colleagues that this is a goal we a going, this is our progress and share the insights to be able to make your daily decisions based on the insights driven by these metrics. I think this is a quite short recipe how to approach ESG sustainability in a systematic way…”

Let’s talk about SAP sustainability solution for your company: More about us: Event recorded in Riga, Jun 15, 2022.

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