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Qlik Meetup Baltics “Advanced but simple techniques to boost Your Qlik app”

Qlik Meetup: online from Riga to the Baltics. Recorded: April 22, 2021.


Introduction Olegs Luksha, Head of Qlik department, Infotrust SIA

Customisable report with dynamic dimension. An example of how to give app user control over dimensions and measures to show in straight or pivot table. Uldis Putnins, Data scientist, Infotrust SIA.

IntervalMatch function. Use cases. How and when to use the Intervalmatch() and a practical application of the IntervalMatch() functionality. Rihards Sorokins, Qlik consultant, Infotrust SIA

Linking tables. Why and when. Why should we use Linking Tables? Use cases. Olegs Luksha, Head of Qlik department, Infotrust SIA

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