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Success stories

Analytics tools enable success stories

More than a billion records in one project – one of the largest trade companies in the Baltic States (POS data analysis). Query execution speed: 5 sec.

29 analytical applications for a global oil company integrated with SAP. More than 30 data sources. A success story for the entire group of companies. The project is being further developed into other divisions of the company in 22 countries around the world.

Most licenses per company: 1,200 users and growing each year.

Project implemented in the shortest time: 1.5 months. The project is being further developed and it is planned to implement Qlik in other subsidiaries.

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Success stories

100 functional requirements – SAP solution met them most precisely
Luminor Bank was looking for a powerful activity-based costing solution that provided multi-dimensional views on all costs and would help to make a decision-making process more efficient and transparent. After creating a tender and defining at least 100 functional requirements to the software providers, Luminor decided that the SAP Profitability and Performance Management solution met their needs most precisely of all.
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Customer story: retail chain “Gulbele” experience using Qlik solutions
Ugnius Venckutonis, Commercial Director of the Gulbelė Retail Chain, at the Qlik Baltics Online event in 2021 about their company experience using Qlik solutions.
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Satair: partnership with Infotrust leads to full insight into vital business data
”I am convinced that we have an IT infrastructure that will ensure and further develop our competitiveness. As our trusted advisor throughout both the design and implementation phase, Infotrust has had a profound and positive impact on our successful process due to their professional approach, great skill set within SAP BusinessObjects, and their helpfulness and flexibility”. Claus Bugge Christiansen, Satair
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Danisco: better business intelligence by a partner that goes beyond
“By choosing the right partner with the right skill set and the right partnering attitude, we now have the capabilities within the field of business intelligence and SAP BusinessObjects to deliver whatever our global organisation needs and requires – both today and in future. That right partner is Infotrust”. Linda Ralleca, Danisco
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With Qlik AB Umega managed to free up more than EUR 100.000 in working capital
“One of strategic goals was freeing up the time of sales managers for the search of new customers, development and negotiations, and leaving manual work for automated solutions with QlikView. I believe we were very successful in doing so!” Aurimas Kiela, Purchasing Manager at “Vienybė” division.
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The implementation of the Qlik Sense application for the analysis of patient experience survey results has allowed the Riga Maternity Hospital to transform its approach to patient feedback management, driving improvements in service quality, patient experience, and overall organizational performance.

Andija Logina
Head of the Quality and Risk Management Department

Together with experts from developing and implementation partners from MSG Global and SIA Infotrust, the team from Luminor was able to deliver the project just in 7 months – on time and on budget, which benefited in reaching complete transparency of costs, efficient understanding of cost optimization and competitive advantages and generating process and cost comparisons across all countries.

Jurijs Māsāns
The profitability area manager from Luminor Bank

The Qlik is the perfect product as it fully covers the data cycle. From the raw data extraction to the best end-user experience visualizations. I would definitely recommend this BI tool as now in every organization the decisions should be measured and based on data. And Qlik is a game-changer in this matter.

Mindaugas Bacius
Data specialist, certified Qlik developer and architect

Qlik helps to identify the most crucial points of improvement for patient experience and define the strategic goals of an organisation. Data driven discussions help not only to raise awareness and increase the understanding of the importance of patient experience in providing more efficient and high quality medical care, but also to strengthen the team spirit and motivation to work together in order to improve the results and outcomes.

Laura Badūne
Patient Experience Manager, Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital

Within 10 years of collaboration, Infotrust has proved to be a reliable partner, providing professional consulting services and enabling success and timely delivery of our BI projects. Infotrust mission was to complete complex transition projects within Banks merge program, which they did great. Consultants from Infotrust are true SAP solutions experts with loyal behavior and high performance.

Violeta Zagainova
Team Lead, Management Reporting Unit, BI and Data Department

With a professional approach and a great experience working with SAP Business Objects, as well as its proven assistance and flexibility, Infotrust, as our trusted consultant, had a significant impact on successful performance during both the development and deployment phases.

Claus Bugge Christiansen
Head of IS/IT, Satair

With Qlik we've changed the way employees think about analysts - we now use analytics applications every day: simple and flexible data analysing allows everyone to find answers to new business questions on their own in minutes.

Aurelija Gumbrevičienė

Business Intelligence technology allows a large number of employees to access the analytical tool and provide opportunities to analyze their performance. The availability of data contributes to the improvement of performance. Only when employees see the real results they try to improve them.

Modris Dzenītis
Head of the Data Analysis Department, Children's Clinical University Hospital (Bērnu klīniskā universitātes slimnīca, Latvia)

Most of the Jaukurai team now can't imagine a daily work without Qlik.

Tadas Sargautis
CEO, Jaukurai

I like that I get answers at the speed of thought with Qlik.

Sonata Jurgilienė
Head of Export department

By choosing the right partner with the right skill set and the right partnering attitude, we now have the capabilities within the field of business intelligence and SAP BusinessObjects to deliver whatever our global organisation needs and requires – both today and in future. That right partner is Infotrust.

Linda Ralleca, Danisco
Enterprise Performance Management Director, Danisco A/S

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