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Qlik Baltics Online #2: VISION OF UNCLUTTER

Key Takeaways from Qlik Baltics Online #2, our annual online event held on June 27, 2024.

By Lina Kriukeliene and Maris Svilans

Last week, Infotrusters virtually invited Baltic BI and DATA teams to the ‘Qlik Baltics Online #2’ event. We had the opportunity to share news and insights from Qlik Connect 2024 and present our VISION of UNCLUTTER.

Our event was all about why and how to modernize your Data Management, Analytics, and be prepared for AI era. Here’s a chance to catch up on the topics discussed and watch the recordings where:

  • Saulius Kriukelis explored how nearly unlimited Qlik Sense users could significantly impact data literacy and cost savings within a company.
  • Milda Vitalytė presented a structured roadmap for a smooth transition to Qlik Cloud Analytics, focusing on continuity and scalability.
  • Simas Baranauskas explained our Reference Architecture of Data Management in Cloud (Snowflake, ADF, Azure Data Lake, dbt).
  • Milda and Simas together explored multiple scenarios how to plan and execute cloud transition, including scenario reallocating data preparation chain from Qlik Scripting to Snowflake to be open and prepared for AI.
  • Maris Svilans recapped the major takeaways from the Qlik Connect 2024 event and explained how Qlik Talend Cloud enables CDC with an agentless approach.


“That was a moment of truth with a Customer after 20 years of our journey together. We need to review, to sort everything out. We view all the created content as valuable, but some of it has become waste. As we work, we produce content that is valuable for a month, some for years. But once we are with Qlik for decades there is a lot of waste accumulated. We found a new code for this which we are openly using in marketing and suggesting to adopt easily and positively: ‘Unclutter.’ There comes a moment in your journey when you need to stop, reassess, and openly sort out the waste from the real values. We will help you identify and uplift these values as you transition to the Cloud. An another meaning of “uncluttering” – if we are opening data and analytics in Cloud for unlimitted users we definitely need to be very careful what we are opening. So, this is a good moment for us to reassess what we have created.” Saulius Kriukelis, Head of Noise, Infotrust

The world is changing: new platforms with new possibilities are emerging.For example, seven years ago, there was no Snowflake, no dbt and others in our standard corporate landscape. The most important finding, which I suggest you consider within your company, and invite us if needed – to discuss this until you find the right setup. This way, you will execute projects correctly. Analytics can easily become a competitive advantage for your company. Better do the projects that will lead you there. The approach, scenario chosen, or speed is less important than the direction you take.Simas Baranauskas, System Architect, Infotrust

“It’s a good moment to to assess current needs by conducting an audit, sorting out what is worth keeping for the next decade or more. Another aspect to consider is the architecture. Are you going to stay on the same Qlik scripting on QVD layers, etc. In general, are you staying on Qlik scripting and files or are you switching to, let’s say, Snowflake, which offers more possibilities in the future, such as machine learning or other advanced capabilities? So, it’s a good time as we have the program to move to Cloud. You have three years to use both Qlik on-premise and in the Cloud on the same time.” Milda Vitalyte, Qlik Architect, Infotrust

“Qlik is encouraging Customers to move to the Cloud and that gives us two scenarios – to move the Analytics as it is to the Cloud or trethinking our data strategies to enable Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities and and perhaps cleaning up unused reports. Moving to the Cloud provides us with these capabilities.” Maris Svilans, Head of Sales, Infotrust

“We are mobilizing Qlik partners, we are inviting our customers to be brave and join this “unclutter” journey. You can engage with us, with our consulting services towards starting with an audit. Our architects will then join and help you prepare the project plan and provide strong arguments to make your decision easier. Our Head of Sales will ensure you gets the best of the best conditions. I suppose, we can no longer rely on the vendor to provide a better or more significant sign for us to move forward and to follow them because they have already given us the best star alignment as possible.” Saulius Kriukelis, Head of Noise, Infotrust

We are inviting to take a look at this 11 minutes footage on our key takeaways and hear about our new code name “Unclutter”:

Want to learn more? View FULL EVENT recording:

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