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SAP Data Intelligence

Turn data chaos into data value

SAP Data Intelligence Cloud is a comprehensive data management solution. As the data orchestration layer of SAP’s Business Technology Platform, it transforms distributed data sprawls into vital data insights, delivering innovation at scale.

Propel your business forward with trusted, data-driven processes, insights, and innovation using data orchestration and scalable machine learning. With the SAP® Data Intelligence solution, you can: intelligently process data, build trust in your data, perform hybrid data management.


SAP Data Intelligence: where enterprise AI meets intelligent information management



  • Connection to data from a single enterprise data fabric
  • Transformation of data across complex data types and curation of a robust, searchable data catalog
  • Orchestration of complex data flows with scalable, repeatable machine learning pipelines


  • Optimize data value and support data-driven innovation that drives key business initiatives
  • Eliminate disconnects between development and implementation teams
  • Operationalize machine learning and improve collaboration on DataOps initiatives
  • Establish efficient and compliant data management process
  • Process distributed data intelligently: providing users with intelligent, relevant, and contextual insights with integration across the IT landscape.
  • Ensuring data is trusted and compliant with your enterprise data strategy
  • Gaining insights from high value data
  • Reducing overall costs to orchestrate multi-faceted data across complex landscapes
  • Building on a collaborative solution between data architects, developers, and data stewards


Distributed Data Orchestration


Find out how you can turn data chaos into valuable data by integrating and orchestrating data across multiple processing engines and complex data landscapes. Connect your siloed data assets and manage discovery, refinement, governance, and orchestration of all data across your distributed-data landscape. Read the solution brief>

Enterprise Data Management


Transform structured, unstructured, and streaming data into business insights:


  • Connect and integrate everything: streaming, structured, unstructured
  • Orchestrate across any cloud and on-prem deployment
  • Leverage processing engines from SAP (for example, SAP HANA Machine Learning) and open source or 3rd party (like Python, R, NodeJS, TensorFlow, Spark etc.)
Watch SAP Data Intelligence Solution Overview

Operationalize Machine Learning


Bring your machine learning> innovations to production quickly to maximize business value and increase innovation:


  • Implement machine learning with confidence
  • Integrate machine learning into business processes
  • Rapidly transition from prototype to deployment

Data Catalog, Metadata Management, and Governance


Know your data and ensure it is fit for use with next-generation data management features:


  • Discover, classify, profile, understand, and prepare all your enterprise data assets
  • Build a business glossary with business rules and data ratings
  • Understand data lineage, auditing and leverage data anonymization and masking


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