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ESG and non-financial reporting: requirements and practical implications | Sustainability with SAP: Chasing Zero

The 1st live Baltic roadshow on sustainability topics “Sustainability with SAP: Chasing Zero” was organized in Jun 14-16, 2022. Event partners: SAP, msg global, ELLE, Infotrust.

We are inviting You to watch the presentation: “ESG and non-financial reporting: requirements and practical implications” by Jūlija Doktorova | “Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Environment” SIA

“ doesn’t have to be…like “save the world”. Definitely, it’s not a target – “to save the world”. You do what you can and the most important that you can measure it. Otherwise, it doesn’t make much sense.”

Let’s talk about SAP sustainability solution for your company: More about us: Event filmed in Riga, Jun 15, 2022.


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