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Qlik Sense August 2022: Infotrust consultants highlights

In August Qlik announced Qlik Sense updates – the 3rd one this year. Our consultants highlight this feature, the most valuable for our Baltic customers – read more below.

Visualizations and dashboards

Chart Title Styling with Font Control

From now on it is possible to customize title, subtitle and footnote font. Currently it is available only for Bar and Pie charts but this feature will be available for other charts in the future.

To change the style of chart titles do the following:

  1. Go to Appearance>Presentation>Styling
  2. Select
    1. Font size (pixel size)
    2. Font color (pallete or hex)
    3. Font family (Arial, Verdana, etc.)
    4. Font style (bold, italic, underline)



Qlik Sense August 2022

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