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Qlik Sense May 2022: Infotrust consultants highlights

In May Qlik announced Qlik Sense updates package – the 2nd one this year. Our consultants shows what is the most interesting and valuable for our Baltic customers – read our highlights:

Visualizations and dashboards

Label coloring with map chart

Now it is possible to customize how labels contrast with the base map or colored areas. Available label coloring:

  • Auto (automatically adjust the label coloring depending on base map),
  • Dark,
  • Light.

Favourites in the hub

This Qlik Sense update makes it easy to find most-used apps. Favourite apps are marked with a star icon and displayed in additional personal section – Favourites. This section is visible in the hub only when at least one app is marked as a favourite.

Scatter plot regression lines

Scatterplot now supports regression lines. Available types are:

  • average,
  • linear,
  • second degree polynomial,
  • third degree polynomial,
  • fourth degree polynomial,
  • exponential,
  • logarithmic,
  • power.

Additionally color and direction of fit – minimization vertically or horizontally – can be set.

Regression line formula which define the relationship between two variables can be shown by hower over the data point.

Not more than 8 regression lines can be added.

KPI background color and new icons

Now you can add background color to KPI charts. Two options are available:

  • Single color
  • By expression

Also icon set has been expanded.

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