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Qlik Sense February 2022: Infotrust consultants highlights

In February Qlik announced Qlik Sense updates package – the 1st one this year. The Qlik Sense February 2022 client-managed release includes many new features and enhancements for augmented analytics, visualization, connectivity, administration, and more. Our consultants shows what is the most interesting and valuable for our customers – read our highlights:

Visualizations and dashboards

Improvements to the grid chart

The Grid chart improvement allows to show labels for each data point (for the size measure).

From the Appearance>Presentation tab, toggle the Labels from Off to Auto:

If the symbol size is set to max, the symbols will fill out the grid and center the labels:

The Grid chart now includes two layout options:

Standard: The chart will show individual symbols.

Heatmap: The chart will display data in grid with a legend ordered by color.

From the Appearance>Presentation tab choose option from the Layout dropdown menu:

A note: the Heatmap chart extension will no longer be supported.

Improvements to managing variables

Creating a variable

To create new variable:

  1. Click Create new
  2. Type a name (mandatory), definition, description and tags
  3. Click Create to save variable


Variables added in the load script are marked beside the name in the variables dialog:

Already created variables can be dublicated for reuse purposes:

Deleting a variable

There are two ways to delete variables:

  1. Select the variable you want to delete and click Delete. (You can select up to 20 variables)


2. Click more in the row of the variable you want to delete and select Delete:

Formatted export to Excel

Qlik Sense now supports formatting options when exporting straight tables to Excel. Download as Data now includes background, text, font header text colors, font size, text alignment, totals sum label and position (images, indicators and mini charts not included):

Any questions, kindly ask (EN, LT) or (EN, LV)

Qlik Sense February 2022

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