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SAP Sustainability solutions

SAP sustainability solutions: become future-ready organization

Sustainability today is a core business imperative. Is your organization ready to address sustainability needs and ensure a compliance with upcoming regulations? We are ready to support you on your journey to achieve sustainability objectives with a technology, knowledge, experienced partners we have: SAP and msg global.

SAP solutions for sustainability help deliver environmental, social, and economic impact. Together, we can enable a future with zero emissions, zero waste, and zero inequality.

Some companies believe they must implement sustainability and sacrifice their profits, but smart companies are figuring out how to integrate sustainability to increase profits and market share.

Product overview

A tool for digitalizing ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is ready – take a full advantage of SAP PaPM and get a fully digitalized possibilities to:


  • Create Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) accounting system
  • Drag and drop formula calculations of simple and very complex KPI, including Scope1, Scope2 and Scope3
  • Track carbon footprint – allocation to products, customers, suppliers, channels, business units, etc.
  • Run simulations on making better decisions on sustainability initiatives
  • Eliminate excel files management
  • To make data gathering process automation: e-mail notifications, follow-ups, review and confirm input data
  • Get a predefined content for faster implementation: EU Taxonomy, GHG emission tracking, GRI standards, UN Sustainable Development Goals, Value chain sustainability management, Product carbon footprint
  • To report sustainability: create specific reports to various stakeholders
  • Improve sustainability not sacrificing profitability




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SAP Profitability and Performance Management

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  • Accessing data from a multitude of sources
  • Complex Organizational Structures with Different Stakeholders
  • Traceability and Audibility of Process
  • Complicated Analysis of the Impact of Sustainability Initiatives
  • Everchanging Regulations




  • End-to-End Data Processing Automation
  • Suitable for Both Centralized or Decentralized Implementations
  • Full Traceability and Audibility from Record to Report
  • Simulation and What-If Analysis of the Impact of Sustainability Initiatives
  • Flexibility to Adapt to the Regulatory Changes


We support the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) approach to the company sustainability strategy


PDCA cycle is continuous loop for the improvement. The implementation of the SAP PaPM as a tool for ESG is not a closed process. We build the system so organization can continuously improve on sustainability.


The most important step in the PDCA cycle is planning. We must measure the things we want to manage. SAP PaPM allows a company to organize all of its sustainability KPI calculations and simulations.

Data entry can be automated. The data collection could be configured within the process, and the process manager could instantly see who and when entered the data. The calculation phase begins after the data is collected. The simulation can be run in some of the calculations. That way user can see not only calculated KPIs but also simulate them and make better educated investment decision of various ESG initiatives. The table below summarizes the entire set of SAP PaPM sustainability capabilities (will be added by Sep, 2022)

SAP for Sustainability: learn more

Enterprise solutions from SAP deliver company-wide functionality and industry-specific sustainability features that can help you drive sustainability at scale by embedding operations, experience, and financial insights into your core business processes.


More detailed information about SAP Profitability and Performance Management: overview, key capabilities, benefits, success stories


Demonstration of SAP PaPM solution, how it can be used to develop multi-step cost allocation and driver-based models

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