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Infotrust presents Snowflake: 2024 May events in pictures

From Data Chaos to Clarity – Unveiling Snowflake’s Unified Cloud Data Platform

May 7-8, 2024 (Riga and Vilnius)

By Lina Kriukeliene, Infotrust marketing and trainings manager

First and foremost, we want to say our heartfelt thanks to those who dedicated a day to join us. Our audiences in both countries made the events truly exceptional. Over 100 engaged data architects asked us almost 50 questions! 👏 Not all were answered live but we will keep our promise to share them here as well.

Next, we’d like to express my gratitude to our speakers Markus Päivinen, Olli Ek,Andrejs Ļubimovs, Ajith Menon Kidaparambil, Tomas Peluritis, Saulius Kriukelis and Maris Svilans who delivered seriuos and complex topics in such a “humanized” way! Thanks our Snowflake guests for the support during the events – Janne Viitala, Mathias Granberg.

And a hearty round of applause goes to our colleagues at Infotrust – it’s the people who make it all happen! Special hug to Simona Klebonaite, Milda Vitalytė, Giedrius Rumšys, Ksenija Daņilova, Santa Pildava, Uldis Putnins, Raivis Mackevičs, Artyom Tukums, Vitalija Sakalauskiene, Jevgenija Kirijenko, Vėjūnė Bataitytė.

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So many ideas for future events – we will keep You updated. Meet all next time. In-person, for sure!

Pictures from Vilnius by Arturas Zukas / Arturasz Photography:

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